Unnecessary Stress

Is the last thing I need. Today I made a difficult choice to turn my back on a family member. The choice was made easier however by their partner who decided to take it upon themselves to cause unnecessary drama for little to no reason at all. I don’t like drama at the best of times, let alone via facebook where it was made clear that despite any rational and reasonable comments I made, I would come out looking like the bad person in it all when I was cut off mid sentence by them deleting me.

What is it with people and thinking that facebook and other networking sites are appropriate platforms to cause arguments?

I didn’t want to post about anything too personal here, especially not about such negative events. But, it is on my mind. And, although I have washed my hands of them, I know they will crop up some place, some how and continue on their journey of turning the rest of the family against them, and when they do, they will be sadly mistaken if they think I will have any sympathy for them.

I do not need cancerous people in my life, I will cut them out. It’s not healthy for me or my child to be experiencing such stress, especially when it has me shaking and feeling as if I want to throw up.

I know we all go through difficult times with family and friends. I just thank God for the positive forces in my life, family and friends who are true in their beliefs, their nature and their desire to be good people and do good things.


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