There’s Something In The Water

Has anyone else experienced round ligament pain? Jeez that stuff hurts! I bought myself a body pillow thinking it would help but I’m yet to use it. It’s been too warm at night to consider an additional blanket/pillow type object in bed. Any tips/tricks?

Anyway that’s not what this post is specifically about. Rather, it feels like there must be something in the water.

In the three years I’ve been with NOtown there has never been so many pregnant skaters! Yesterday it was announced a fifth skater is pregnant, well technically she is the fourth currently pregnant as the first skater just gave birth.

Everyone had a very happy Christmas/New Years and start to the spring!

This week has been busier on the work front, with mothers day coming up more hours have arose, no complaints here. It’s nice to finally be in an environment where colleagues feel like friends and family and even though it’s a corporation there is attention spent on the individual stores and the people in them. I never got that feeling working for DMAT or Macy’s.

This coming week is going to be a fun one, it’s our mid pregnant ultrasound! A chance to find out the sex of baby and see him/her in more detail than we have thus far. The only thing I’m dreading is drinking the 32oz’s of water thirty minutes before the appointment. The slightest push on my bladder may mean a spare change of underwear and some embarrassment.


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