Sick Day

Writing this post from bed today. Had to take a sick day from work after a less than pleasant night and an uncomfortable and painful morning.

My night was spent tossing and turning trying to sleep between bouts of feverish nightmares. I woke up at least three times in tears, very restful. I know it’s pretty usual to have hormone driven nightmares in pregnancy, I’ve already experienced some, but not like these ones. These were not baby/pregnancy fear related, they were rough, senseless, painful images.

I was glad to be awake and out of bed by 7:30. Showered, ate breakfast and then my stomach started bubbling. Gas related pain? Maybe. Threw up and now I’m in bed. Watching Law & Order on the laptop, being comforted by our cat Jinsey. He can always tell when I’m feeling unwell.

God bless the intuition of animals and their furry little bodies that make excellent hot water bottles!


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