Feeling The Pressure!

In my lower stomach, that is! Our boy is really enjoying sitting in my pelvis, which is awesome, it really is, I’m glad that he has found a comfy spot. But, whoa, the pressure can be intense, and if I’m standing for a while I definitely feel the need to sit down and take some of the weight off.

Anyone else had a baby who liked to sit in a certain spot? Perhaps under your ribs? Or favored one side over the other?

As the weather has been heating up I have been noticing some swelling, nothing too significant hand/foot wise, but my calves have been tight and painful the last few days. I’ve been looking for compression hose to ease this a little, and I’m avoiding buying online as I’d be at a disadvantage not being able to read the packaging. Luckily, I have some lovely friends who have offered to dig out some of their’s for me to use in these last few months. A leg rub would be amazing right now, but I know, I know, it’s not a good idea at all!


I’ve been a little slow at updating and honestly there just isn’t a lot to say right now. Everything is on track with the pregnancy and as for skating… well, I have been steering clear a little lately. This is mainly due to a lot of changes I’m seeing/hearing about and to be quite honest, I’d like little to nothing to do with any sort of drama (not saying there is drama, but just incase!).


Body Changes

With all these significant body changes I’ve been thinking about “recovery” after pregnancy and what shape I’d like to get into. Right now I am enjoying all of the changes I’m experiencing, watching my stomach grow being at the top of that list! It’s funny how it just seemed to pop one day practically over night!

I realize I need to be going to the gym more, I’ve been only a handful of times recently. And, with these changes some of my usual exercises, derby, elliptical, cycling have become a little more difficult. The last two because my knees keep hitting my now protruding stomach! I have found however that I can happily walk on an incline for an hour at a reasonable pace and still feel like I’m getting a workout in.

Now, after the birth is going to be interesting. Obviously I’m not expecting my body to just bounce back to where it was and my main focus will be on baby and making sure my body is in shape for his needs. That said, I will be striving to be back on my skates after the expected down time and I’ve already set myself a fitness goal for this time next year.

That goal is to do the Napa Inline Marathon (in my quads) and be in good shape to finish it!

Has anyone done this?

What was your experience skating a marathon of that magnitude?

Or even to the runners out there, any tips on marathon training in general that would cross over to skating?

It’s a big goal, but I think if I start really pushing myself at the gym and skating, and really start eating well I can get there.

The Penalty Box

I was sitting here this evening thinking about the games I have played in thus far in my Roller Derby career. It’s not often that I have been sent to the penalty box, either for an accumulation of minors, or for major penalties. I can clearly recall how often I have been in the box, perhaps plus or minus once or twice, but I’d say in the past 2 years, approximately twelve times. Seven of those were in one game causing me to be ejected. Nearly every one of those has been due to some sort of cutting the track major or an accumulation of minors for the same reason.

I’d say that’s pretty decent, in fact, most of those were in the earlier games I have played and most recently it has been a rarity to see me sitting on the seat marked with a J. I’ve learnt to be more aware of my surroundings, to watch my footwork and to pay more attention to the person who has knocked me out of bounds. I’ve also learnt how to stop myself quicker and I’m in the motion of getting my mohawk stops down (something I could always improve upon).

This is not me bragging by any means, but rather thinking about the progression I have made as a skater, my advancement in understanding rules and game play and where I have to work from as a basis when I am back on skates. Everyone has something to learn, myself included.

And that’s really what is on my mind at the moment. It’s very frustrating to play amongst and to see skaters who have a mentality of them not needing to continue to learn, that they have reached their peak and deny any constructive criticism or guidance. Ego’s get in the way and rather than functioning as part of a team, the singular mind mentality seems to kick in and at that point cracks begin to emerge.

I believe that everyone should try and have the opportunity to play as both jammer and blocker at some point in time. I’ve learnt from being both, and particularly from being a jammer that a pack doesn’t function correctly when their is the singularity mindset. And to be quite honest, it’s unsettling when you are hurtling towards apposing blockers, not knowing whether those girls on your team have your back, because they have wasted their energy getting the big hits and ignoring the position of their teammates.

I’ve been that blocker, getting completely distracted by my own game rather than the game as a whole. But I think i’ve learnt, and am still learning, that it’s more important to know where every one of your teammates is and to anticipate the needs of your jammer whilst maintaining the control of the opposing jammer.

These are just some random thoughts, but with it i’d like to share this quote.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

And ask this question, as a blocker, what can the jammer do better for you, and likewise as a jammer what can the blockers do for you to improve the effectiveness and fluidity of game play?