Body Changes

With all these significant body changes I’ve been thinking about “recovery” after pregnancy and what shape I’d like to get into. Right now I am enjoying all of the changes I’m experiencing, watching my stomach grow being at the top of that list! It’s funny how it just seemed to pop one day practically over night!

I realize I need to be going to the gym more, I’ve been only a handful of times recently. And, with these changes some of my usual exercises, derby, elliptical, cycling have become a little more difficult. The last two because my knees keep hitting my now protruding stomach! I have found however that I can happily walk on an incline for an hour at a reasonable pace and still feel like I’m getting a workout in.

Now, after the birth is going to be interesting. Obviously I’m not expecting my body to just bounce back to where it was and my main focus will be on baby and making sure my body is in shape for his needs. That said, I will be striving to be back on my skates after the expected down time and I’ve already set myself a fitness goal for this time next year.

That goal is to do the Napa Inline Marathon (in my quads) and be in good shape to finish it!

Has anyone done this?

What was your experience skating a marathon of that magnitude?

Or even to the runners out there, any tips on marathon training in general that would cross over to skating?

It’s a big goal, but I think if I start really pushing myself at the gym and skating, and really start eating well I can get there.

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