Feeling The Pressure!

In my lower stomach, that is! Our boy is really enjoying sitting in my pelvis, which is awesome, it really is, I’m glad that he has found a comfy spot. But, whoa, the pressure can be intense, and if I’m standing for a while I definitely feel the need to sit down and take some of the weight off.

Anyone else had a baby who liked to sit in a certain spot? Perhaps under your ribs? Or favored one side over the other?

As the weather has been heating up I have been noticing some swelling, nothing too significant hand/foot wise, but my calves have been tight and painful the last few days. I’ve been looking for compression hose to ease this a little, and I’m avoiding buying online as I’d be at a disadvantage not being able to read the packaging. Luckily, I have some lovely friends who have offered to dig out some of their’s for me to use in these last few months. A leg rub would be amazing right now, but I know, I know, it’s not a good idea at all!


I’ve been a little slow at updating and honestly there just isn’t a lot to say right now. Everything is on track with the pregnancy and as for skating… well, I have been steering clear a little lately. This is mainly due to a lot of changes I’m seeing/hearing about and to be quite honest, I’d like little to nothing to do with any sort of drama (not saying there is drama, but just incase!).


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