Nothing Derbycentric To Say

It’s hard to be a bystander in the derby community when you are taking a hiatus from skating. At least it feels that way. And, it leaves me with very little derby related topics to discuss with you. I’ve not been to a lot of games since being pregnant, I even missed a NOtown home game last month, the first one i’ve missed since starting with them almost three years ago.

I’m hoping that I will be seeing some derby this weekend. Our team is playing in Hanford against the Tulare-Kings Roller Derby team, but I will most likely be unable to attend that one because of my shift at work. So, I may check out the other local teams game this Saturday and get my fill of some adrenaline.

I’ll support derby wherever it may be. I’ve never seen having more than one team in Fresno as being a one team versus the other situation. And, i’ve never ran into a member of the other team who has been negative towards myself and my team mates because of it. I hate hearing about other cities where there are rival teams to the point where there is bad blood between opposing members.

Have you ran into any cases where one team clearly see’s the other as the “enemy”? I know this is controversial, but when is an up and coming sport not?

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