Pregnancy Resources

During my pregnancy so far I’ve found that three specific resources have been most prominent. They have supplied me with information I didn’t know, support when I have been worried or confused, and have even gave me some awesome laughs!

The first resource I turned to when I found out I was pregnant was What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Seriously, it’s a go to, handy guide for a first time mom. I have learnt about what to expect with body changes, what stages baby is at and how to have a good grasp of the journey I’m on.

The second resource I turned to was The Bump. I had heard of The Nest and had used The Knot as a resource when we got married.

The Bump has been great for several reasons. First of all, I’ve been able to share and keep track of our babies progress, a big deal when your family is on the other side of the world and your main form of contact is Facebook. Then there are the forums, I’ve frequented the trimester boards and the birth month specific boards and have always found them useful for information, sharing experiences and a few good laughs!

The third resource, I have mentioned previously. Pregnant Chicken, if you want to hear how it is from an experienced mother with zero bs and a whole lot of laughs, this is the resource for you! I can’t even begin to tell you how useful her no nonsense guides have been.

Pregnant Chicken has everything from telling you the truth about what you can and can’t eat, no nonsense guides to packing your hospital bag, right through to “porn for moms”. (Not actual porn!)

So those are my top three in no particular order, what are some of yours?

Oh, and on a side note, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on all of the great advice I’ve gotten from our parents, family and friends, and even the occasional stranger!


A Love Letter To My Unborn Child

To my beautiful baby boy,

I have not even met you yet, and still, you have become my world. You have been my every thought for these last 34 weeks, and with only 6 weeks to go, the anticipation and excitement to meet you is growing stronger. I have imagined and dreamt a thousand times about meeting you, what you will look like, what it will feel like to hold you for the very first time.

You are our first child, our first love. We had prayed for your arrival in our lives and God answered with your presence. It’s been an amazing experience to know that you are growing inside of me, a tiny life with such huge potential. You are part me and part your father, an amazing feat by God and of the human body. When I am tired or sore, your kicks and your wiggles are a reminder to me that wherever I go, whatever I do, you are present. You make me stronger, you lift me up.

You have already made an impact on me, you are showing me the path to the person I have always wanted to be. I was already a wife, a blessing given to me by God in meeting your father, and now I am a mother. You are inspiration to be a better friend, to fill my life with people who will be great influences on you, you who have given me a clearer insight into love, unconditional.

I will not tell you to hurry, despite these swollen ankles and this aching belly. You remind me to be patient, to let you take your time, to grow and to arrive when you are ready. We will be here, your father and I, with open hearts and hearts full of excitement and love.

With unconditional love, always, Mommy

Mommy & Daddy




Another Moany Arse Post From Me? You Got It!

Feeling a little panicky this evening. Maybe it’s the lack if sleep (it’s 3:08am), or the uncomfortableness I’m feeling at this present moment, I don’t know. I have a lot on my mind regardless.

My main concern is having anything ready for l&d and having baby home. I’m 34 weeks, so if something happened at this stage I know the hospital would try and stop it, but if they couldn’t I’d be up s**t creek without a paddle!

I say this not just out of nervousness, but from surveying the apartment and what we currently have at the moment. The apartment is far from ready (I need a kick in the arse) specifically the second bedroom and it’s need to be organized. And in terms of gear, we don’t have a crib or many of the essentials yet, and I wouldn’t even be able to bring baby home without a car seat.

On the other hand, I’m 34 weeks with no signs or symptoms that he is coming early. That gives me six very short weeks to get my act together. At least to have the second bedroom cleared out and organized and have a hospital bag ready.

Speaking of hospital bags, if you haven’t checked out the Pregnant Chicken blog, you totally should.

It’s insightful, humorous and a great resource!

Well, time to try and sleep, or get water and watch more Netflix.


How Tiny Does My Bladder Feel!?


Last night I guesstimate I got up at least four times an hour, every hour from 11pm to 7am. Crazy!

At this stage in my pregnancy I know it’s completely normal, and I’m not complaining, but goodness me, this is quite the body change. I feel like I am no longer the master of my own bladder. And the joking suggestions of getting a catheter is looking more and more like a great idea!

If you’ve been pregnant or are currently pregnant, how did you cope with the nightly bathroom visits?

On a humorous and slightly disturbing note, I was parceling out toilet paper like rations all night. I’m completely out! Time for a trip to Costco haha!


Getting Bigger!

This was at 32 weeks & 6 days, I’m almost 34 weeks now.


Looking Swell!

I’ve been meaning to post some photos to the blog for a while. In fact, I’d like to spruce up the whole layout in general. I thought i’d post two of my bump photos.

This was at 19 weeks and 5 days, i’d just started to really show.


Itchy Clipper Finger

I’ve been finding it hard going lately to focus on growing my hair out. During my pregnancy I’ve been left wondering “Where is the lush, long, healthy hair I was promised!?”.

It seems like everything I’ve read says I should have a beautiful mane right now, flowing healthy locks! On the contrary. I have managed to grow the previously shaved side of my hair approximately two inches. Two! That’s in almost eight months… Come on!

The last time I had my Chelsea I grew it out in the summer and wore a hat almost the whole time. This year I couldn’t, I can’t fathom wearing a hat in this heat! And so, I’m left growing it out in the view of all, getting frustrated with the awkward stage.

By the way, I know how whiney this all sounds!

So now I’m stuck at the ever familiar cross roads. Shave the side again and get it styled into a light, manageable and funky do? Or, embrace the awkwardness, hope that my hair has a sudden growth spurt and grin and bear it until its long again?

The other thought is managing it once the baby arrives. It makes sense to have something that needs little work.

How much can I write about hair? If you’ve endured reading this far, be not afraid reader, although perhaps bored, this post is near its end!

And this is where I’m at, weighing the pros and cons, having half the mind to ask Curtis which style he prefers, knowing he will not sway either direction.



I started today with a great outlook. Curtis was coming home after working for 6 days, packing up the apartment was going great, I had the cleaning done and we were set to see the downstairs apartment we were looking to transfer to.

This is where my mood was altered, from being upbeat and excited to overwhelmed and disappointed.

Curtis came home! Awesome!

The apartment they showed us… not so much! For $20 more a month for a downstairs apartment with the exact same floor plan and the expectation of a renovated interior, as they had described, it was not what we expected.

Our expectations were clean carpets, freshly painted walls, tiled floors, new counter tops and newer appliances as we had seen in the other renovated properties.

What we were shown was an identical layout that had taken twenty steps backwards. Yellow walls, vacuumed carpets, old yellowing appliances, dirty looking tiling and all for an addition $20 a month!

We were disappointed. They told us they’d give us a call if a newer property becomes available.

I know it’s just an apartment, somewhere to live for another year with the benefit of being on the ground floor, but no. With the hormones I’m feeling today, just no.

I’d looked at this transfer as a fresh step to setting up a welcoming, clean environment for our baby. Our current apartment is great, but the stairs seem daunting and it needs a lot of renovation itself in terms of appliances, newer carpets and getting our clutter in check. The latter being something we can do without management stepping in.

I all of a sudden felt overwhelmed. I had set the bar too high. I had given in to the hopes of uncluttering our space in order to unclutter my mind.

If you’ve gotten this far in my post, through the sea of moaning and a down trodden attitude, you’ll be happy to know the day is not lost.

The disappointment has been eased, my mind has been somewhat settled and my thoughts are on how we can improve upon what we have. We didn’t lose anything, because we didn’t gain anything in the process of looking.

The rest of today is about relaxing with Curtis. Being thankful for the fact that we have a roof over our heads, that we have money in the bank, food on the table, and most of all each other, and our child.

And if you hadn’t guessed, being this hormonal, sucks!