I started today with a great outlook. Curtis was coming home after working for 6 days, packing up the apartment was going great, I had the cleaning done and we were set to see the downstairs apartment we were looking to transfer to.

This is where my mood was altered, from being upbeat and excited to overwhelmed and disappointed.

Curtis came home! Awesome!

The apartment they showed us… not so much! For $20 more a month for a downstairs apartment with the exact same floor plan and the expectation of a renovated interior, as they had described, it was not what we expected.

Our expectations were clean carpets, freshly painted walls, tiled floors, new counter tops and newer appliances as we had seen in the other renovated properties.

What we were shown was an identical layout that had taken twenty steps backwards. Yellow walls, vacuumed carpets, old yellowing appliances, dirty looking tiling and all for an addition $20 a month!

We were disappointed. They told us they’d give us a call if a newer property becomes available.

I know it’s just an apartment, somewhere to live for another year with the benefit of being on the ground floor, but no. With the hormones I’m feeling today, just no.

I’d looked at this transfer as a fresh step to setting up a welcoming, clean environment for our baby. Our current apartment is great, but the stairs seem daunting and it needs a lot of renovation itself in terms of appliances, newer carpets and getting our clutter in check. The latter being something we can do without management stepping in.

I all of a sudden felt overwhelmed. I had set the bar too high. I had given in to the hopes of uncluttering our space in order to unclutter my mind.

If you’ve gotten this far in my post, through the sea of moaning and a down trodden attitude, you’ll be happy to know the day is not lost.

The disappointment has been eased, my mind has been somewhat settled and my thoughts are on how we can improve upon what we have. We didn’t lose anything, because we didn’t gain anything in the process of looking.

The rest of today is about relaxing with Curtis. Being thankful for the fact that we have a roof over our heads, that we have money in the bank, food on the table, and most of all each other, and our child.

And if you hadn’t guessed, being this hormonal, sucks!

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