Itchy Clipper Finger

I’ve been finding it hard going lately to focus on growing my hair out. During my pregnancy I’ve been left wondering “Where is the lush, long, healthy hair I was promised!?”.

It seems like everything I’ve read says I should have a beautiful mane right now, flowing healthy locks! On the contrary. I have managed to grow the previously shaved side of my hair approximately two inches. Two! That’s in almost eight months… Come on!

The last time I had my Chelsea I grew it out in the summer and wore a hat almost the whole time. This year I couldn’t, I can’t fathom wearing a hat in this heat! And so, I’m left growing it out in the view of all, getting frustrated with the awkward stage.

By the way, I know how whiney this all sounds!

So now I’m stuck at the ever familiar cross roads. Shave the side again and get it styled into a light, manageable and funky do? Or, embrace the awkwardness, hope that my hair has a sudden growth spurt and grin and bear it until its long again?

The other thought is managing it once the baby arrives. It makes sense to have something that needs little work.

How much can I write about hair? If you’ve endured reading this far, be not afraid reader, although perhaps bored, this post is near its end!

And this is where I’m at, weighing the pros and cons, having half the mind to ask Curtis which style he prefers, knowing he will not sway either direction.


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