A Love Letter To My Unborn Child

To my beautiful baby boy,

I have not even met you yet, and still, you have become my world. You have been my every thought for these last 34 weeks, and with only 6 weeks to go, the anticipation and excitement to meet you is growing stronger. I have imagined and dreamt a thousand times about meeting you, what you will look like, what it will feel like to hold you for the very first time.

You are our first child, our first love. We had prayed for your arrival in our lives and God answered with your presence. It’s been an amazing experience to know that you are growing inside of me, a tiny life with such huge potential. You are part me and part your father, an amazing feat by God and of the human body. When I am tired or sore, your kicks and your wiggles are a reminder to me that wherever I go, whatever I do, you are present. You make me stronger, you lift me up.

You have already made an impact on me, you are showing me the path to the person I have always wanted to be. I was already a wife, a blessing given to me by God in meeting your father, and now I am a mother. You are inspiration to be a better friend, to fill my life with people who will be great influences on you, you who have given me a clearer insight into love, unconditional.

I will not tell you to hurry, despite these swollen ankles and this aching belly. You remind me to be patient, to let you take your time, to grow and to arrive when you are ready. We will be here, your father and I, with open hearts and hearts full of excitement and love.

With unconditional love, always, Mommy

Mommy & Daddy





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