Another Moany Arse Post From Me? You Got It!

Feeling a little panicky this evening. Maybe it’s the lack if sleep (it’s 3:08am), or the uncomfortableness I’m feeling at this present moment, I don’t know. I have a lot on my mind regardless.

My main concern is having anything ready for l&d and having baby home. I’m 34 weeks, so if something happened at this stage I know the hospital would try and stop it, but if they couldn’t I’d be up s**t creek without a paddle!

I say this not just out of nervousness, but from surveying the apartment and what we currently have at the moment. The apartment is far from ready (I need a kick in the arse) specifically the second bedroom and it’s need to be organized. And in terms of gear, we don’t have a crib or many of the essentials yet, and I wouldn’t even be able to bring baby home without a car seat.

On the other hand, I’m 34 weeks with no signs or symptoms that he is coming early. That gives me six very short weeks to get my act together. At least to have the second bedroom cleared out and organized and have a hospital bag ready.

Speaking of hospital bags, if you haven’t checked out the Pregnant Chicken blog, you totally should.

It’s insightful, humorous and a great resource!

Well, time to try and sleep, or get water and watch more Netflix.


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