Five Days!

Wow, we are five days away from my estimated due date! With that in mind I wanted to do a little blog update of five things ill miss about pregnancy and five things I won’t!

Five things ill miss:

• Feeling him wiggle inside of me.
• Watching Curtis talk to my belly.
• Feeling confident in my changing body.
• The anticipation of reading week by week information of his progress.
• Trying to imagine what it will be like to hold him.

Five things I won’t miss:

• Worrying about lack of movement when he is having a lazy day.
• Peeing constantly, especially at night.
• Not being able to sleep on my stomach.
• Not being able to wear my wedding ring.
• The anticipation of him arriving!

That last point gets an exclamation point, because even though I have some negative sounding points above none of them matter.

None of them matter, because soon ill have him in my arms. All the late night trips to the bathroom, the heartburn, the swelling, will be more than worth it!


Red Light, Green Light

Contractions, they start, they stop, they get more intense, they die away. Repeat.

At 38 weeks, 4 days, the braxton hicks contractions have really picked up in frequency. Sunday however, the cramping in my lower abdomen and back was the most intense it has been and lasted for a good twelve hours. We were thinking, perhaps this is it, early labor! False. Went to bed, woke up cramp free.

Oh well, it will happen when it happens, I’m not going to complain, this pumpkin needs to wait until October!

Not much else happening on the pregnancy front, and likewise on the derby front. I let the board of directors know that I won’t be returning to NOtown after our little guy is born and I haven’t heard anything regarding that.

I’m still going to skate, I still have goals set in place and I’m still determined to exceed my current abilities.

Also, Borderlands. I don’t need to say much about that, it’s just awesome!


Decision Making

So, I don’t know about you, but Im not a great decision maker. Don’t get me wrong, if I needed to make a snap decision or one of significant importance, I’d be able to. But when something has been on my mind for a long time I can often flip flop until the answer eventually dawns on me.

I recently made the decision to no longer skate with NOtown. Now, let me say that there are many reasons for this decision, but on the top of that list is simply that I don’t feel at home there anymore. I’m not going to fill this blog post with the pros and cons and go into great details about while I feel this way. But, if anyone wants to chat with me one on one with me about it, Im also not going to shy away from being honest about my feelings.

I want to continue skating once our little guy is born and settled somewhat. That means working out times I can skate whilst he is being taken care of by Curtis, and as this would be a changing schedule, it’s going to take some getting used to. As will everything baby related!

If I can continue to do derby in some capacity, then awesome! If I take up skating in another capacity whether recreational or speed, then also great. However I manage it, I won’t be hanging up my skates just yet!


Woah! Where Did The Time Go!?

Today marks week 37 of this 4o(ish) week journey! Where on earth did the time go!?

We are actually making great progress with getting ready for our little guys arrival, despite our procrastination. Our second bedroom has been our biggest hurdle. We have been using it as additional storage for the last 3 years, items have gone in and most of the time they haven’t come back out!

This past week, Curtis had six days off and we really got stuff moving. We have almost completely cleared the room and have managed to move numerous boxes of non necessary items to storage. All of the baby items we have received have been moved to our bedroom for now until we can clean the second room and move everything necessary for baby, in.

Today was also a milestone in terms of lifestyle changes. It was my last bitter-sweet day of work for Sur La Table. Let me begin by saying, what a great company! Fun work environment, lots of incentives to sell (not based on commission) and lots of opportunities to work.

On the sweet side, I cannot wait to be a stay at home mom and spend each day with our child, in our little family, watching him grow! On the bitter side, I’m going to really miss my colleagues. They have all been such great people to work with, they have become my friends and my work family. I did shed a few tears today when I finished my shift, but the future is bright!