Decision Making

So, I don’t know about you, but Im not a great decision maker. Don’t get me wrong, if I needed to make a snap decision or one of significant importance, I’d be able to. But when something has been on my mind for a long time I can often flip flop until the answer eventually dawns on me.

I recently made the decision to no longer skate with NOtown. Now, let me say that there are many reasons for this decision, but on the top of that list is simply that I don’t feel at home there anymore. I’m not going to fill this blog post with the pros and cons and go into great details about while I feel this way. But, if anyone wants to chat with me one on one with me about it, Im also not going to shy away from being honest about my feelings.

I want to continue skating once our little guy is born and settled somewhat. That means working out times I can skate whilst he is being taken care of by Curtis, and as this would be a changing schedule, it’s going to take some getting used to. As will everything baby related!

If I can continue to do derby in some capacity, then awesome! If I take up skating in another capacity whether recreational or speed, then also great. However I manage it, I won’t be hanging up my skates just yet!

3 thoughts on “Decision Making

  1. Cherry I’m really sad that you have decided not to come back to NOtown. We love you and need your positive attitude. I wish you would reconsider and know sometimes things are hectic and sometimes the communication is lacking but not because we don’t want you back it’s just because life is crazy.(run on sentence) remember we are family and sometimes we need a kick in our ass. I know for myself I have been down and kind of hermit myself but I’m always willing to talk. I feel things will be changing in the next few mo ths for the good. I just really hope that you are there to see it and grow with us šŸ™‚

    • I think I need some time to find my feet again, get in shape and really decide whether NOtown is home. I really appreciate your kind words, you know that many of you, yourself included have been good friends to me, but on the whole the comfort level I have has dissipated.

      We will see how things go, first things first is to have this baby and get these skating legs back ā¤

      • I must strongly agree with you Cherry. I You know my feelings about how I left and pretty much felt abandoned. It is really wonderful to see you speak candidly of your experiences and why you choose your own path. I miss you oodles!

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