Red Light, Green Light

Contractions, they start, they stop, they get more intense, they die away. Repeat.

At 38 weeks, 4 days, the braxton hicks contractions have really picked up in frequency. Sunday however, the cramping in my lower abdomen and back was the most intense it has been and lasted for a good twelve hours. We were thinking, perhaps this is it, early labor! False. Went to bed, woke up cramp free.

Oh well, it will happen when it happens, I’m not going to complain, this pumpkin needs to wait until October!

Not much else happening on the pregnancy front, and likewise on the derby front. I let the board of directors know that I won’t be returning to NOtown after our little guy is born and I haven’t heard anything regarding that.

I’m still going to skate, I still have goals set in place and I’m still determined to exceed my current abilities.

Also, Borderlands. I don’t need to say much about that, it’s just awesome!



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