Five Days!

Wow, we are five days away from my estimated due date! With that in mind I wanted to do a little blog update of five things ill miss about pregnancy and five things I won’t!

Five things ill miss:

• Feeling him wiggle inside of me.
• Watching Curtis talk to my belly.
• Feeling confident in my changing body.
• The anticipation of reading week by week information of his progress.
• Trying to imagine what it will be like to hold him.

Five things I won’t miss:

• Worrying about lack of movement when he is having a lazy day.
• Peeing constantly, especially at night.
• Not being able to sleep on my stomach.
• Not being able to wear my wedding ring.
• The anticipation of him arriving!

That last point gets an exclamation point, because even though I have some negative sounding points above none of them matter.

None of them matter, because soon ill have him in my arms. All the late night trips to the bathroom, the heartburn, the swelling, will be more than worth it!


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