It’s your due date, son!

As the day closes on our sons due date, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little apprehensive! I want him to stay in as long as he needs to, but I know that could lead to the “need” for an induction, something I want to avoid.

On my 40 week appointment this past Wednesday I was 2cm dilated, 70% effaced, and hopeful! I’m not sure where I’m at a few days later, but had a positive NST this morning.

The doctors main concern seems to be that he would prefer for my bodies sake to birth a 6lb baby rather than a 10lber. And, although he will be what he will be, that is a nice thought!

I’m not scared, not really impatient as such. Just very excited and ready for him to be here. It’s been months of imagining his face, holding him and wishing the best for his health and arrival.

I’m not a follower of old wives takes really but I admit I was hopeful on the full moon and have ate the spicy food.

I’m sorry to be so candid and say this though, if I hear one more person tell me to be “intimate” with my husband to get labor started… I may just punch them in the throat.

Sorry! That’s harsh, but I’ve heard it so much now it’s almost making me feel guilty!

Anyway, if you are one of those people who have told me this already, your throat is safe, and I appreciate the input. But for now, intimacy or not, this baby boy is going to come when he is good and ready!

Goodnight! Lets hope this towel is enough to protect the bed if my water does break!


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