Like A Slow Motion Explosion!

The title of this post is an exact quote from Curtis expressing how the birth of our son went. And, looking back in it, I have to say I agree!

On October 7th I got up at 7:30am and went to the bathroom feeling fine abd intending to climb back into bed and sleep in. By the time I had walked the few steps back to the bedroom I was in full on active labor, I could hardly speak or move during back to back contractions. We called labor and delivery and told them we were coming in, no need to talk to a advice nurse, we were coming, ready or not! We took quick showers and got to Kaiser at around 8:30.

Check in was pretty funny, the nurses were looking at me like I was being overly dramatic for an hour into labor… until they checked me and I was 6cm dilated! Needless to say I was swept into my delivery room, hooked up to an IV for antibiotics (GBS) and checked again at 9am. At this point I had dilated from a 6 to a 10 in no time and was told it was time to try to push to break my waters naturally.

The pushing to break my waters was probably the most painful part. I hadn’t had an epidural or any other drugs except the lowest dose possible of a pain killer which lasted all of 10 minutes. Through every painful push I was immensely thankful to have Curtis by my side coaching me and a labor nurse who kept me focused. There were times in the throws of a painful contraction that I told them both I thought I couldn’t do it. And even though in the back if my mind I knew I could, I had to, my legs ached and my body protested.

By 11am they called in the doctor to rupture my waters, what a huge relief, it was like opening the flood gates! By 11:30 Calvin Ender was in my arms! All 7lb 2oz and 21″ of gorgeous, wide eyed miracle! They got my small tear sewn up, gave Calvin a wipe down while his proud daddy watched and set the little guy back into our arms again.

Curtis and I were overwhelmed with emotion. We knew we loved him even before he entered this world, but nothing prepared us for the rush of emotions we felt. We had a baby… We have a baby!! Recovery was equally a whirlwind of events. A clean room to recover, tons of visitors, tests for Calvin, check ups for me and before we knew it 24 hours had past and we were discharged and heading home. Let me just say, they offer 48 hours of recovery, boy was I glad to leave after 24 and get back to some sort of normalcy. The hospital and its staff were amazing, but home is sanctuary.

We are coming up to Calvin being two weeks old now and it’s been a steep learning curve. Through the lessons in patience, perseverance and new and unusual routines we are slowly getting the hang of this stuff. That’s not to say he isn’t throwing us some curve balls! For instance, the first dreaded “blow out”, it happened… on our first day out and about other than the pediatrician appointments, right on Curtis’ mom!

Nine months went by quickly and now days are skipping by. I really hope this perpetual motion slows down a little, I’d like to stop a while and really enjoy this new baby smell! I’m so thankful for the love and support of family and friends who are taking this journey with us. And for God and his gifts of love.

And to Curtis and Calvin, my boys. I will always love you both, until the end if time!



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