Gassy Baby

Well we know Calvin’s lungs are fully developed! Poor guy has terrible gas right now and everything we have tried so far hasn’t really helped.

We’ve tried:
– Burping during and between feeds
– Holding him vertically to feed
– Draining one breast completely to get to the rich hind milk
– Pumping before hand (I have a strong let down)
– Massaging his stomach
– Cycling his legs

So now we are coming at it from a different angle. First of all I’m looking at what I’m eating and have decided to cut out the possible problem foods from my diet. We are already gluten free so that cuts out wheat, then it’s the vegetables known to cause issues ie. cabbage/broccoli/sprouts etc. From there it’s what is seen as the most common problem food, dairy. I’m not feeling too daunted by this, I was vegan for some time.

We are also trying something that has been used for hundreds of years, I know my mom has used it and so have many family members with children. Gripe Water

We can only comfort him and see how things go for now. We gave him gripe water this evening, he’s just been fed and burped and hopefully he will sleep better without the constant squirming and red face. We also have his two week appointment on Wednesday and I’m excited to see his growth chart!


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