Big Fat Positive

A year today I got my BFP. I played my last derby bout on January 28th 2011 and the next day decided to take a pregnancy test after talking over some symptoms I was having with my lovely friend Randee. I don’t mean for this to sound as if I am gloating, but I was in a bit of denial that I could be pregnant, after all, we had only been trying since October and it surely couldn’t have happened so easily for us!

Curtis was at work on the 29th and I had considered waiting for him to get home before taking a test. I has taken two in the previous months when my periods had been delayed. Both had been negative, and I had used those fancy digital tests that cost something like $16, came in a pack of two and the first one I used each time came up with error messages! But I couldn’t wait, I had to know, I had had a strange sense of loss seeing those first two negative tests, and I was trying not to get my hopes up, but I had to know!

This time around, when I got the BFP, I used a dollar store test, and those two pink lines appeared before my eyes. I actually text a photo to Curtis first, I was happy, but at the same time uncertain how to react. I had just played a hard hitting game and all I could thing was “Oh dear God, please tell me I didn’t mess up this child before I even knew he/she was there!” Thankfully, sense and Dr Google told me it was unlikely that I’d done any damage at this stage, phew!

Well, thus began an exciting journey for Curtis and I, the initial fear was replaced by elation and today, a year on I am laying here at 1:14 in the morning, looking into the face of our beautiful sleeping son. It’s amazing how two little lines can rock your whole world. In our case, it was exactly what we had wanted.

Do you remember the day you got your BFP? How did you feel?