Early Morning Update

I’ve started this post so many times. I’ve listed everything that’s happened since I last posted, but when I read it back, it was hollow and empty despite being so full. I don’t want to put bullets points on my life, listing experiences like they are precursors to something bigger. As I lay here at 4:30 in the morning, looking at my sleeping child, I realize every step we take in this life is much bigger than we may see it.

Of course, I know that our actions, our words and the way we choose to interact with one another molds our existence and also our happiness. But I have also lived by the notion of not sweating the small stuff. I could lay here and look at Calvin sleeping and think about how many more nights there will be like this, but really I should be enjoying this moment now. So, although I can’t convey it so easily via text, I am taking in his scent, listening to his breathing, watching his chest rise and fall and focusing on the feeling of his tiny little hand resting against my arm.

Where am I going with this? Well… I don’t know… Maybe it is easier sometimes to just list the big stuff, and to internalize the little things. So here is the update. Calvin turns eight months old in a weeks time. We took a trip to England in February to visit my family. And by the end of next month, we will be living in a new home.

Plain and simple, if you want the details, we’ll talk. But for now, I’ll leave it there. I’ll be trying to post more in the coming weeks. More photos, more words, more interesting! (I hope!)


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