Ah! That New Baby Smell!

This morning I was sitting with my cup of tea and reminiscing to myself about the memories that the smell of black tea evokes. Olfactory senses are amazing aren’t they? How our nervous system can take scents, most often pheromones and convert them to sensory perceptions that can be called upon later in our memory, is quite fascinating! For me, I associate certain smells primarily with people rather than places or times. It makes me wonder about whether Calvin will associate certain smells with Curtis and I. Will it be the scent of coffee and sweet french vanilla creamer I have breathed upon his cheek in flurries of kisses after the early morning rises? Will it be the smell of pomegranate that I spray on myself on special occasions? Will he think of his father the way I do when I smell fire and Aqua Velva?

It’s not only the smells that remind me of the people I associate with them, but also of the way they have made me feel. The smell of warm wood chips that remind me of my dad and the warm feeling of his hugs. The sweet smell of Chloe perfume that my mom wore when I was younger and the comfort of her words and the way her hands feel. Specific memories, senses, feelings and emotions tied into each.

What is funny is that I had my own bottle on Chloe at one point, and on my own skin, it didn’t smell quite right, but just holding the bottle or lightly spraying it in the air around me, gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling deep in my chest.

I don’t associate specific smells to everyone, but people who have had significant place in my life are all tied up in my olfactory senses. Obscure smells sometimes, even to people I have not had contact with in many years, like the smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of my Uncle Terry and riding on his lap as he cut the lawn of their house in Canada. The smell of canned peaches being opened, reminds me of my Aunt Ardith (Marilyn).



Anyway, this was my random thought for the day.


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