Feeling A Little Lost

I have been finding it so hard lately to write. I don’t know if it’s because my mind feels a little chaotic right now, or if it’s because I really don’t have much to say. Anyone who reads this is family or friends and knows what is going on in my life from Facebook or from seeing me, so sometimes rehashing what is already known, seems a little… silly?

Perhaps I need to write less about life, and more about my understanding of social/economical situations… no, that’s not me. Perhaps I should write about motherhood, but if I was doing that, I’d have more posts over at The Bump, and I’m struggling with that right now, draft after draft, hovering over the publish button while I second guess myself.

I’m just feeling a little lost.


2 thoughts on “Feeling A Little Lost

  1. I think it’s that time of year. Everyone is either on edge or at a loss as to what to do. Just shake it off and go on your daily routine with your little man. Don’t worry about feeling lost because when the time is right something will be your light and you will be found.

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