Dear Self

I know I am sometimes hard on you, I’m a harsh critic of both your mental and physical well being. But know that I love you, especially physical you, who gave life to a beautiful child and continues to feed him your mothers milk well past the point you thought you could.

I’m sorry that I poke and prod and pout when I look in the mirror and don’t see the young twenty something body that I didn’t appreciate at the time. But I thank you for the physical reminders that life has changed significantly.

And for your mental strength I am bowled over sometimes, but go easy on yourself when you have a bad day. Please don’t blame yourself when the journey may not be as smooth as it once was. Remember to give yourself a break, don’t pour yourself so wholly into everything, leaving yourself little to fall back upon.

What I am trying to say is, practice the self love you wish others to have. Chin up, eyes focused, heart trusting and strong!

Me xx



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