Pip Pip! Cheerio!

Those are some typical phrases when you’re British, right? This always makes my giggle! I’m never offended when people come out with the stereotypical phrases, it’s like saying “Throw another shrimp on the barby!” to an Australian. It’s kind of silly, but it falls into the realm of yet another worn out stereotype.

I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve been loosing my accent. It’s never been the typical British accent, or even close to the accents of those from my home town, but it’s a British accent none the less. As my childhood was spent moving between England and Canada my accent changed depending on the continent I inhabited at the time. It shaped my accent into something hybrid but leaning more towards British.

I have a tendency to emulate people and I find my accent slipping away with sharper r’s, stronger vowels and dropped consonants. I automatically slow down so people can understand me more clearly. And when I speak to family via Skype, it’s like that has been all washed away, I’m pulled back to the high speed, blunt vowels, drawn out consonants and rounded r,’s without missing a beat!

I’ve noticed more so lately though that I keep the Americanized pronunciations flowing, it’s becoming natural to me. It’s becoming more common place in my interactions with people, so much so that I rarely get asked where I’m from anymore. It’s all good! I do tend to use a lot of words that may not be usual with Calvin and it makes me smile when he recognizes that when mommy says “Donnies!” I means his hands!

This video always makes me laugh! This is the Black Country alphabet, if you ever wondered what the dialect of my hometown was, this pretty much sums it up!


Family Dynamics

I’ve touched on this before in a previous blog post, but tonight as I lay here, hopped up on caffeine and head drifting into curious realms, I thought I’d write it down.

A few years ago if I was asked how many siblings I have, I would have stated, two sisters and three brothers. Now I do not hesitate to cut the number of brothers, down to one. It feels weird sometimes to say it out loud, but it makes sense to our family dynamic now.

The two brothers who I no longer mention, chose of their own volition to remove themselves from the relationships they shared with all of our family members (who I now count as remaining). One of these two, I had not seen in many years so the breaking away of him from the family unit was not felt as a significant loss, at least not by me. The other, although his relationship with our family has always been strained, things were looking up and relationships seemed strong when he decided to break away from each of us with varying degrees of malicious intent.

It may seem callous of me to say that they are no longer my brothers, but after the turmoil they have caused my family, they in my eyes, are undeserving of that title. I’d call my friends my brothers before I uttered that bonding title to either of their names.

I don’t know where exactly I’m going with this, but it’s on my mind. Perhaps because when I look at Cal, I realize he will never meet those uncles, those cousins. And what a sad existence to voluntarily remove yourself from a family unit full of love, something many people wish they had.