Second Time Around

I’m coming up to 16 weeks with baby #2 and so far I can honestly say I don’t “feel” pregnant. I think this is mainly because I don’t have time in the day to just sit and ponder pregnancy like I did with Calvin. When I was pregnant the first time, I could go to work, come home and sit and relax and really focus on my body. I was able to notice the subtle changes and when I started getting tired or sore, kick my feet up or take a nap.

Pregnancy the second time around and especially with a toddler is so different. For starters, when I’m tired I still have to chase around a very active and willful little person. When he naps I’m trying to catch up on cleaning or laundry (which seems to be never ending!) and when I do sit down for a while, the time just slips away and it’s back to ushering the tornado towards less destructive activities.

I have definitely shown earlier than I did with Calvin, I’ve already got a bit of a sizeable (yet soft) belly growing and the maternity jeans came out at around 8 weeks just for the bloat! I’m having a harder time this go at really accepting my changing body, it’s a selfish outlook, but it’s hard to look at myself in the mirror some days. I know this will pass once I feel more pregnant, but right now I avoid the scales and rush past anything reflective.

One thing that I have to laugh at is that my emails inbox seems to have daily emails about how to help adjust a toddler to becoming a sibling. They seem to all be geared towards older toddlers that can really grasp the presence of a baby within their mothers stomachs, who can perform tasks like folding baby clothes and singing to mommy’s growing belly. I haven’t found anything yet, at least not in the links I’ve received that helps you to prepare a younger child. I suspect that this will be a learning experience for us all, a fun, yet scary one!

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