Technological Interference

I find myself this evening deciding upon taking a hiatus from Facebook. It has been a tool I have long used to primarily keep in contact with friends and family in England and to share photos with them of Calvin growing up.

But lately I find myself scrolling or rather, what feels like wading, through political rants, grievances and some disturbing world view points that make me feel less than comfortable. If it were that it made me feel only discomfort though, I’d have stuck around. But with my hormones right now being what they are, I find myself getting angered and upset by them. Facebook has become a mine field for me, where one scroll can throw me off kilter completely.

Not only this, but I find myself looking at my phone during the day so much so, that it makes it’s way to the bathroom with me. I throw glances at an unlocked screen whilst doing the dishes and even playing blocks with Calvin. It’s become an interference. I don’t want some of Calvin’s earliest memories to be of mommy sitting looking at her phone, when I should be looking at him.

So, I’m taking a Facebook hiatus. I’m not sure how long for, and I’ve told my family that it will remain up only to answer messages from them, and that’s pretty much it.

This beautiful face is what I’ll be focused on.