New Years Resolutions Vs. Goals

I never make New Years resolutions, not because I don’t want to act on self improvement, that’s something we should all strive for every day. But often it seems people don’t fulfill the promise they make to themselves, and that to me makes them feel pointless. After all, just because the clock ticks over from 11:59 to 12:00 to mark the beginning of a new year, doesn’t mean that you aren’t the ass that you were just a minute ago.

I do however have goals for myself, some short term, and some long term. I’m not going to limit myself based on a time frame, it’s unrealistic when every day is different from the last.

My biggest goal is to build a healthy lifestyle for myself. Not just physically healthy, but also emotionally. These two things go hand in hand for me. A lot of my negative emotions come from not feeling satisfied with my level of health and fitness. I’ve just had a baby, not even two months ago so I have come to realize that at this current moment in time, there is only so much I can do in the free time I have and also with taking breastfeeding into account.

I will not diet, I will not take pills, follow the current health fads or do anything that is detrimental to my milk supply. These things do not work. Eating right and exercising works. I know this and I will implement changes to my lifestyle as much as I can right now. And I have to admit, when I can get back into the gym on a regular basis, I am so looking forward to leg day!

Squats, squats, squats, squats, squats, squats, everybody!

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