My sister recently visited her GP about vision problems and severe headaches she’s been experiencing. Her doctor decided that her symptoms warranted an urgent referral to neurology at the hospital. It’s been two weeks and she has still not received an appointment. So she called the hospital and her GPs office to find out the status of her referral. The hospital told her that she is on the waiting list… For an appointment in approximately 13 weeks. Yes, you read that right, 13 weeks! The consultant at the hospital, who did not examine her, decided that her urgent appointment was not a priority and therefor it has become non urgent.

So let me work this out. Her GP who examined her and determined that her symptoms were severe enough for an urgent appointment (which in itself takes 4-6 weeks) was overruled by a hospital consultant, who has had no contact with my sister whatsoever.

Your NHS tax money at work people of England! This is alarming to me, especially as that now I have the opportunity to look at healthcare from the viewpoint of privatization in the US. If you are American and thinking that socialized healthcare would be beneficial over the current system, I urge you to look up how it is run in other countries who already have it. And to look at situations people are put in by being under such a healthcare system. My sisters situation is just one example in a vast and possibly undocumented thousands of NHS neglectful cases. 

I could start at this point and document my own experiences with the NHS. I could write about the neglect and treatment of my dads healthcare, but that is all too raw.

So I urge you, next time you talk about 2 hour waits in the ERs of America, I can tell you about several of my own personal experiences of double and triple those numbers as I waited alongside people bleeding in hallways of NHS hospitals waiting to be seen. 


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