Looking Up

My posts have been somewhat negative and dark since the death of my father and I’ve been wanting to write something lighter and brighter.

Today a friend, Sara, posted the viral video of the baby being pulled from the rubble days after the earthquake in Nepal. I commented that recently I had been in conflict with God, but after seeing this video I had truly witnessed a miracle with the rest of the world. It was her reply to this that shifted my emotional stance as well as my thoughts on my current position with God.

“Jodie you have had so much going on lately.  God is ok with you being angry and struggling in your relationship with Him.  Your anger is proof of your faith because how could you be mad at someone you don’t believe exists.”

And now here I am, seeing things more clearly for the first time in weeks. Perhaps this clarity will allow me to focus more on the substantial joy I do have in my life. 


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