The Inequality of the Dad Bod

I think its awesome that the media is looking at dads and saying it’s okay for them to have a “Dad Bod” because they are focusing on enjoying their families. Celebrities such as Adam Sandler (below), Jason Segal and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few are being praised by the media for embracing their new shape. But, it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth at the inequality this movement is highlighting.

Women are bombarded with messages in society that tell them they need to get their “bodies back” as if they were some sort of ethereal vapor during pregnancy. Why can’t a movement about the average post partum body gain traction in mainstream media the same way? 

There are projects out there, the  4th Trimester Bodies Project is one of them! It celebrates the changed female form that motherhood brings. It does it without the pressure on new moms to get back in the gym to obtain what in a lot of cases is an unattainable body image unless you have full time childcare and a personal trainer and chef on hand!

I’m not saying that getting “bikini fit” isn’t possible, but why is there so much pressure to do so? Why can’t we enjoy our softer midsections, our wider hips that expertly balance our babies? If a dad is praised for his post partum spread with the same focus on his family as mothers have, why is the pressure to fit some idealized body type on us?

It’s inequality however you try to paint in. Dads, keep rocking your “Dad Bods”, but when you look at your partners I hope you are seeing the beauty of her body too, the vessel that carried and nurtured your children for 9+ months! And mainstream media, shame on you for making new moms feel as though their bodies are somehow not good enough despite the amazing feat they just performed!


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