Good Is Not Enough

I take issue with the idea that being Christian is synonymous with being “good”. Being a “good Christian” is used like a shield when issues arise that are less than positive. Being a Christian is not an excuse for bad behavior. 

I say this as I am reading articles surrounding the allegations of molestation within the Duggar Family. If you are unfamiliar with the Duggar’s, they are a family of 19 children (and counting) headed by Jim Bob and Michelle. They are touted as a good Christian family, holding virtues such as no hand holding or kissing until after marriage. 

You’d think being occupied with their 19 children, a television show all about themselves and an active Christian lifestyle, that they would be far too busy for activism… Yet they have time to be homophobic/transphobic lobbyists. In fact, they are so concerned about LGBT folk that they have been quoted as saying they should not be able to raise families and that they are in fact, child molesters.

If you’ve made it this far without feeling ill, read on. For here is the hypocrisy of this good Christian family… Their eldest son, Josh, an active, vocal lobbyist against the LGBT community is currently being exposed to the world as a child molester himself! 

And this is where I start getting irritated by this idea of “good Christians” being used as an excuse for bad behavior. There are people defending his actions because he has waited until after marriage to kiss his wife, his parents knew of his actions and got him “help” within their church and he built homes… For what? To in some way hammer in that he is a good Christian and not a child molester?

If you are making excuses for his actions, stop. He was 15, taking advantage of much younger girls (including his sisters) and no amount of prayer is going to erase that, the same as no amount of prayer can erase or change someone’s sexuality.

There are good Christians, I think most Christians are good. I know my husband is, his family members are, our friends are. But being Christian does not and should not give people a get out of jail free card. It should not be held up like a shield or rather in this case a shade being pulled over the darker truths. 

I leave you with this thought.

God wants us to be the craftsmen of good work. Whatever it may be. He does not look at what we produce as decent based on the symbolism (in this case the cross) as a mark of good works. It is in the quality of the product that you produce. We can all mark ourselves with crosses and label ourselves good, but it is aesthetic in the eyes of the Lord. 

Edited to add:

This isn’t an attack on Christianity as a whole. It isn’t an attack at all. It’s the tearing down of the shade that has been put up by a family that do call themselves good Christians, for people to see the hypocrisy of their words and actions.

This isn’ta case of a random Christian being exposed as a child molester. This is a family in the spotlight who are displaying themselves as having all the ideal virtues of a Christian family and lifestyle. They are actively against the LGBT community and have gone as far as labeling a whole group of people molesters for it.

The words pot, kettle and black come to mind.

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