Potty Training Takes The Piss!

Excuse the language, but seriously! We are on day 3 of potty training our almost 3 year old son and it’s been interesting!

He’s actually doing really bloody well! Only three small accidents so far and he’s discovered the joys of standing up to pee at the “adult toilet” as he calls it. But no amount of reading up on training methods or advice from fellow patents prepares you for these few points that we’ve encountered so far:

  • The first poop on the potty will be followed by a lot of excitement, quickly followed by panic as your child starts to make a run for it with an unwiped bum!
  • The first pee at the toilet standing, makes for an interesting discussion on the merits of the “shake” versus the “wipe”.
  • In our case, it’s best to go bare, because as soon as material touches skin, pee (and sometimes sh*t) happens!
  • Taking that first ride in the car without a diaper… Terrifying! (I kept some of the giant pee pads from the hospital when Mia was born. Win!)
  • Keeping a spray bottle with a mix of dawn/white vinegar/water at hand was a good idea. 
  • Getting to flush the toilet and saying bye to his pee and poop has been more rewarding to him than any promise of treats.

We will still have Mia in diapers for a while longer, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel with Calvin and that is pretty awesome! So here’s to raising a beer in celebration and exhaustion! 

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