We have a 3 year old… Oh crap! We have a 3 year old!

This past week has been nuts! Somewhere between gathering food, drinks, decorations and favors, the regular busyness of a toddler and infant… A birthday happened and a party was pulled out of his imagination. 

Our not so little, man, turned 3 this past Wednesday and I regaled him with the story about the day he was born… To his complete and utter disinterest. We ate donuts for breakfast, opened presents, sang happy birthday (which he hates) and played the day away. Sunday came around quickly and we had a low key Octonauts party with family and friends at a local park, two hours of hard, mud covered (leaky ice bucket in 95F weather and the California drought) morning, followed by a hard nap for both kids. The day went off without a hitch, much like the Sunday he was born.


This really does sum him up, curious, humorous, explorer!

Let me stop here to say, wtf!? To this fall weather. I’m done with the heat, bring on the cooler rainy days!

And so it goes, I look back and wonder where the time went, then I look to my side and see a baby… That turns 1 next month. Shit. This parenting thing is like being on a merry go round that doesn’t stop. It’s a never ending cycle of ups and downs, with a theme tune of kids shows and a roller coaster of emotions on loop in the background.


The soon to be, birthday girl!

I’m not looking to get off the ride, but if it could just slow down from time to time, so that I could really, truly, savor the surroundings, that would be great! 


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