Body Positive

 I posted this on my IG earlier today with body positivity and self love in mind. I’m working towards the body I desire, but in the process I’m hating on the body I currently have. For me, that’s not motivation, it sends me into a spiral of dissatisfaction and self doubt. It doesn’t help me to hate on myself, it hinders me.

I have been out of the gym for over a week with two sick kids (I don’t want to be the mom who lets her kids spread the sickness), so I’ve not been keeping up with my plan. Tomorrow I dive back in and whilst I may not be able to get to the gym, I’ll work out as much as possible at home. And when I pass the mirror in the morning, wash my body or watch my baby nurse from my breast, I won’t hate myself. I will look at my stretch marks, my soft stomach with pride and see the journey ahead as a stepping stone to better physical and mental health.

And when things seem hard, I won’t give up. I’d have stalled in life if I had given up at every hurdle. 


3 thoughts on “Body Positive

    • Thank you Anne! I haven’t been able to get to the gym the past two weeks due to the kids being sick, then being sick myself. So I’m needing to pull myself back into a positive frame of mind!

  1. I’m having a bad body image day. Was late to work because of it. The hurdles and getting out of our own heads are the hardest part because we made beautiful creatures and are beautiful people.

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