When Calvin was born, we noticed that he had a skin tag on his left ear. No big deal, it hasn’t effected his hearing and Curtis and his uncle actually both had the same thing when they were kids, although both of them had the tags removed. We had a consultation with a surgeon when Calvin was a couple of days old, who decided that it was best to wait until he was past the two year mark so that they could use anesthesia.

Today we had his three year well check and his pediatrician asked if we would like to see a surgeon to get it removed. I decided that it was probably for the best that we do it at this point before he starts preschool. Most people don’t really notice it, but I have noticed more recently that older children do. And some of the unkind words that are said about it, make my heart hurt and Calvin being the sensitive soul that he is, usually takes it with a grain of salt, but I can tell it upsets him.

He won’t need to go under anesthesia after all, so it will be a quick out patient surgery and hopefully the healing time will be minimal for such a small issue. I do feel somewhat bad for making the decision for him. I had told him that he could decide for himself when he grows up, which is what he told the doctor this morning! But, as the doctor also noted, we don’t know if it will grow.  So, next week it will be removed.

Also, he is 3ft 6″ tall… he’s a giant toddler!


2 thoughts on “Removal

  1. Zoey has a bump on her ear, but I barely notice it. We got lucky and her skin tag on her cheek fell off due to all the billi lights she needed. The only thing that worries me is her strawberry hemangioma on her head. Her hair covers it and she’s a giant like Calvin so hopefully she’ll be tall so no one can see it, but I always worry as kids can be so mean!

    • Calvin barely noticed his either! But you’re right, kids can be so mean and they notice even the slightest differences. If that weren’t a concern, if honestly let him decide for himself when he’s older.

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