I had a goal to lose 20lbs by my 29th birthday which is the 28th of this month. I’m not going to reach my goal. My own sickness, the kids being sick and moving from our house into a tiny apartment out a hault to a lot of my training, but I’ve maintained a healthy diet. I may not have reached my goal, but I have made gains. I’ve made gains in understanding portion control, the importance of drinking enough water, on how working out can improve my mood and my outlook and with understanding that this is a journey of progress, not perfection.

My goal weight still remains the same, my time line has just changed. I’m learning what exercises work for my body, and how strong I actually am! I need to dig out the scales from storage to keep track of my weight loss, but in the meantime I’m pretty happy with putting on my jeans without struggling and not getting out of breath as easily when I’m chasing the kids around!


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