I’ve got a bit of an obsession with notebooks. I love hard cover, ring bound notebooks with college ruled lines and clean, uniform design. Simple is good, but a modern, minimalistic design always grabs my attention. 

I always set out with specific goals in mind when I buy a new notebook. I assign them to list making, idea jotting and general purpose. I just bought a new notebook and I think it’s my favorite one. So far I’ve marked two pages with my scrawls and I always feel the same way about that… Like I want to keep the pages pristine. But a notebook is for notes after all, they have a purpose.

I’ve been thinking about using a notebook for journaling, although most of the time I write here. I’m trying to realign myself with some spiritual need and although I could share those musings here, perhaps it would be best to keep them private.

The reason I love notebooks most of all, is that from arm to hand, to pen to paper, there is a flow. I love to see my thoughts move from my mind to the paper, tangible, palpable words. 


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