Insert Head Explosion

This post from Stuart over at Forged From Reverie, has got me thinking this morning. Lately I have noticed that I’m having to make a conscious effort to not have a knee jerk reaction to the behavior of Calvin and Mia. 

Calvin especially is in the threenager stage, and thus, is testing his boundaries lately. Daily he is pushing my buttons, and at times I have snapped. For example, yesterday he got ahold of my clear nail varnish and whilst I was brushing my teeth he painted the leg of our dining room table with it. My initial response was anger and I immediately put him in time out (which I stand by as necessary) whilst shouting at him about the dangers and damage he had caused using it. The shouting on reflection, was unnecessary. He knew he had done wrong, he apologized profusely and when asked about it was able to access that it was a bad idea. He accessed the situation, which is something I didn’t do. Yes he shouldn’t have had the nail varnish, but I had left it within reach. He shouldn’t have painted the table with it, but he’s a curious kid. Yes it was a bugger to get off, but it didn’t permanently damage anything. But one thing without another side to it, was that it was dangerous. He ended up with it on his clothes and in his hair and all I could think about was the “what if” of the possibility of him getting it into his eyes. 

I need to start breathing and taking a few extra seconds before I react. If the situation isn’t immediately threatening to the health of my kids or anyone else, maybe a step back would be more productive than me losing my shit!

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