Mother’s Day, Mountains and Musings

I hadn’t realized until we drove up into the mountains this past Saturday morning, that it had been at least three years since we had visited with Curtis’ parents at their house in the foothills. Last time I was there I was about three months pregnant with Calvin. I don’t know what kept me away for so long. Life I guess. We spent this past weekend with Curtis’ parents, our two little ones, his brother and sister in law, and their two little ones. It was thoroughly enjoyable! We helped work on projects during the kids nap time, filling trenches with dirt and pulling up fence posts, we explored the long grass and large rocks with the kids and gathered at the table for delicious food and conversation. It was a wonderful celebration of Mother’s Day, and my father in laws birthday!

Overcast but beautiful!

A dusty sunset after a wonderful day.

I loved how this cake turned out!

Chocolate fudge Sarlacc cake!


The kids loved the adventure of being up there. They wore themselves out running through the grass, trudging up and down the hills and exploring the future chicken coop. It was a great opportunity for cousin time also. They all played very well together with the occasional and inevitable toddler tantrums. It makes me so happy to see them growing with cousins whom they love. 

The weekend came to an end with an early dinner, just myself, Curtis and the kids. It was lovely to spend a little family time before Curtis head off to the Engineer academy! I’m so very proud of him! He’s got quite a few weeks ahead of him that are going to be tough at times, not just with the class work, but also with being gone, but it is so worth it. How often do you meet someone who is wholly dedicated to the work they do and really love it? It’s a blessing! I’ll miss him like crazy, 


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