21 Day Fix

I’m four days into the 21 Day Fix in an attempt to shed some of the excess weight I’m carrying. So far I am going to the gym every day and doing the daily DVD workouts and sticking pretty strictly to the eating plan. I just need to convince myself that there is no need to step on the scales everyday. The temptation to weigh every ounce I lose it overwhelming at times.

For the first couple of days I had a splitting headache from cutting out caffein. Even though you can drink as much tea or coffee as you like, I don’t like either black, and a bit of raw sugar and a drop of milk just doesn’t cut it for me, so I’ve cut them out entirely. The desire to stop at Starbucks when we’ve been out and about has been great, but I’ve resisted so far!

It’s not really a restrictive diet, it’s pretty much what I would usually eat, but I am more aware of my portions and I’m eating 5 small meals rather than 3 large meals a day. There are a ton of 21 Day Fix friendly recipes on Pinterest and the likes, but I have been keeping it simple.

Meal 1: Scrambled Eggs and Fruit
Meal 2: Tuna/Hardboiled Eggs/Grilled Chicken w/ Brown Rice and Vegetables
Meal 3: Carrots and Hummus
Meal 4: Chicken, Zucchini and Brown Rice
Meal 5: Greek Yogurt, Fruit, Sunflower Seeds and Honey

It might sound boring, but with some salt, pepper and some light seasoning, it’s been really tasty! And of course, I can’t forget the copious amount of water I’ve been drinking. I think my bladder is finally getting used to it, I wasn’t up to use the bathroom near as much last night as the first night. 17 days to go! I hope I see a significant reduction in inches and pounds!



Finding Myself

Do you ever feel like you are adrift?

I’ve been feeling this often lately and I think I have touched on this feeling in past posts. I am Jodie, I am wife, and I am mother. But what else am I? I am incapable of placing my finger on the map of my life and really finding direction. This is a hard thing to come to realize when you are a planner.

I love spontaneity, but at the same time, I like organization, I like the details planned out so that I feel secure in the decisions being made. I learned to let go of those expectations a little when I became a parent. After all, how can you really plan ahead when you have two tiny humans who are chaos incarnate?

Our days are about to be shook up. Calvin will be starting preschool three days a week in August and Curtis is about to begin a new schedule, at a new station. And then there will be Mia and I, and I feel the need to fill those mornings when Calvin is in school, with activities for her and I. But with what? That direction thing again…

If life came with a compass, it would have no needle.

Dear Jodie

It’s time you made a change. Stop taking steps forwards and then running back to your bad habits. Look forward, stop falling into the same old traps, the emotional eating, the talking yourself into having one more bite and saying “It won’t hurt!”. It will hurt. Because the next time the scales don’t show the numbers going down, or you see yourself in the mirror and you are still fluffy around the middle, scrutinizing your body, you’ll hurt.

So the next time you reach for some chocolate or ice cream, stop. Grab an apple.
The next time you tell yourself “Just one more”, stop. Have a glass of water.
The next time you look in the mirror and feel defeated, or stand on the scales and see no weight loss… close your eyes, take a deep breath and move on.

The number on the scales has no correlation to your self worth. But the fact that it hurts you to be going through these motions, to not be moving in the direction you desire, that tells you that it’s time for a change. No more excuses.

You’ve got this. You aren’t a teenager, and your body has grown and birthed two wonderful children, so you’ve got to change up the game.

And you know what? GAME ON!