The Faces We Wear

A week or so ago, I finally got around to buying some makeup. I usually only wear a little mascara and occasionally, a bit of eyeliner. The older I get the more I feel the need to make more effort in my appearance, so with that in mind, I got a few items to play with. I didn’t spend too much, just a few basics from the e.l.f section of Target.

  • e.l.f BB Cream – Fair
  • e.l.f Blush – Blushing
  • e.l.f Eyeshadow – Plum (Base/Lid/Crease/Line)
  • e.l.f Satin Lipstick – Touch of Pink
  • Up & Up – Super Blender

This morning I pulled back my hair, cleaned my face and gave them all a try… and a full face of makeup, really isn’t for me. I mean, it didn’t look bad, but it didn’t suit me either. I didn’t like that I couldn’t see my freckles anymore, and any shade darker than my actual skin tone in eyeshadow, pretty much makes me look like i’ve been punched in the face, I have such deep set eyes.

I think I will stick to my usual routine. Wash my face, apply moisturizer (and sometimes an SPF if I’m going to be outside a lot), my mascara and if I’m feeling extra, a bit of eyeliner.

It has gotten me past my makeup curiosity, but not the desire for change. So, will it be updating my tattoo’s, getting a new piercing or cutting my hair, that is going to satisfy this itch?


Goodbye Nursling!

This little lady, after 21 months, is no longer a nursling. She hasn’t had a drop of mommy milk for a week, and we are both better for it, especially in the sleep department!


She is the last child I will nurse, and although it is bittersweet, I’m quite proud of the length of our journey together!

Happiness and Tears

I feel like growing up, for me, moments when I saw my parents cry were few and far between. I remember seeing my mom cry a few times after an argument (she’s an angry crier, as am I). She cried when Princess Diana died, and when my brother joined the Army. And in my adult life, she cried when my grandfather died and when my father died. I’m sure she has cried many times that I haven’t seen, but those are the moments I have witnessed, and the times my father cried openly, were as few. But consistently, saying goodbye at the airport has been moments of shared tears between us.

I don’t want to dwell on the tears we shared today in the airport, or the tears I shed as I drove home and the tears I will inevitably cry when the kids go to bed tonight. She stayed with us a month this visit, and I want to focus on the happiness that I have felt, the experiences we shared as a family. So tonight, I will flick through the photos we took, I will look at my kids smiling faces, and I will focus on the joy.

I hope you can find the happiness beneath the tears, as they can often be the most therapeutic and cathartic.