Creative Bloggers and Tantrumming Threenagers

If you are following my blog, thank you! I often follow back and really enjoy the content I read. One particular blog that I started following just a few days ago is Forged From Reverie which is written by a friend of mine. I love the creativity of the writers I follow. From writing about life events to short stories and poems, there is always something interesting to read.

On a different note, Curtis and I experienced our toughest parenting moment this past week. The manipulating attitude of a three-year old. Calvin has never been a great sleeper, but he has consistently slept through the night, with the occasional bad dream since about 18 months old. This past week however, he decided to use his sisters night waking as an excuse to proclaim that he hated his bed, the floor (which he chose to sleep on), his room and us. It came to head when he decided half an hour into bedtime, to kick and scream to the extent of a new decibel being reached. At first, we tried reasoning with him, which temporarily calmed him down. Then we had to get tough. Eventually he put himself to sleep around 2am and has since, slept through the night.

That has to have been one of the most unpleasant experiences so far as a parent. He is one strong-willed, spirited child. But the manipulation and fake excuses and crying, had to stop. I’m glad that he finally calmed himself down and I’m happy that he isn’t saying he hates us anymore (when did I get a teenager instead of a three-year old!?). Screw the terrible two’s, three is a whole new game!


Review: Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle

If you have kids, you know the struggle of trying to find a water bottle/straw cup that doesn’t leak! Seriously, you think you’ve found the perfect one and then you go to fetch your kid from nap and think he/she has peed the bed, and in that moment of panic or “Damn! I just did a load of laundry!”, you realize the wet patch is from a leaking cup.

We have tried so many and the realization I had recently, is that if you really want a cup that won’t leak… You need to spend just a *little* bit more than you’d probably like to.

Until recently, our favorite straw cups were the Nuby Click-It FlexStraw bottles, cheap, easy to clean and they didn’t leak initially. But, my toddler is a straw chewer and after a while, the little membrane in the straw that stops it leaking out, broke.

If your kid doesn’t chew the straw, I still highly recommend these!

I decided to switch Calvin to a stainless steel cup that has a straw and came across the Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle. The line of Foogo products is pretty extensive, there are bottles in plastic and stainless steel with both straws and spouts, food jars and even diaper bags!

This is the exact bottle I got for Calvin. It’s insulated so that his water stays cold, is sweat proof, dishwasher safe and the flip top that uses a button to open, is much more hygienic than an open straw.

So far we have had zero leaks, it’s kept his water cool in the 110F heat and for $12 from Target (which I know sounds like a lot) seems to be a product that will last.

Next time I get him from his nap and there’s a wet patch… Well I’ll know it’s pee instead of playing the ever popular guessing game of sniffing the sheets!

*This is not a paid review, just a mom sharing her two cents about products she loves. Photos are from the Nuby and Thermos websites.