I haven’t paid much attention to the news lately. When I do, I see so much pain, so much sadness. And, I suppose it has always been there, it will always be there, but right now it seems magnified. I try to pay attention only to the positive stories, the little glimmers of hope, of love…

Maybe I am the ostrich, with my head buried deep in the sand, wanting not to see the world in it’s grey and tarnished state. I want to see the world perhaps, through rose tinted glasses, as a child sees it.

I know Calvin and Mia only see love around them. I know that they have no concept of the hate of other human beings, or the atrocities committed in the names of so many. But I also know that a four year old understands strong dislike, they understand the idea that someone can be a bully, that bad behavior can hurt more than just someones heart. Isn’t that just a little bit terrifying?

I want to shelter them from the news, from hearing about the pain of the world and the people in it. I want to shelter my own heart and mind, pouring all of my love, all of my positivity into my family. So whilst the negative sometimes slips through the cracks, and I choose to read the occasional news story, to keep current, to know what it out there, I will continue to seek the positive. I will seek the love and the light.


Oh America…

There are a few things I tend to try not to discuss with others. One of those things is politics. But in light of the election results last night, here is where I stand.

I posted this on Facebook a little while ago, and I stand by it.

Just going to say this as nicely as I can. If you are voting for Trump, I’m honestly not sure we can be friends. It’s not just about politics at this point. It’s the fundamental principles that this man stands for. He is full of so much hate, so much prejudice and has said and done some truly horrifying things. It’s not about him vs. her. It’s not about where I may stand if I could vote in this election. It’s about the decision to disassociate myself with people who think this man will do great things for this country, when he has done such despicable things to his fellow human beings.

So if you support him, I’m sorry, go ahead and click unfriend.

I have already had a few friends fall by the wayside because of this, and honestly, I’m okay with that. You may read this as hate vs. hate. But to me, it is eliminating people from my life who feel that systematic racism and misogyny are perfectly acceptable for the president of their country. I do not want that kind of negativity around myself or my children.

Today I choose to paste on a smile and be thankful for those in my life who are also standing firm in their beliefs that people of all races, religions, gender and sexual orientation are equal. I will not stand idly by and allow hate speech to be the “norm” in this day and age.